New Rendition Deadlines

Due to legislation passed in 2019 several important dates have changed from prior years.

1.  Renditions are now required to be filed by April 15 with the chief appraiser granting an extension to May 15 on written request by the property owner.  With good cause the deadline may be extended an additional 15 days.

2.  Applications for Allocation of Value (Interstate) are now due before May 1.  If property was added to the roll for the current year the deadline would be 30 days after receiving the Notice of Appraised Value.  This deadline can be extended an additional 30 days for good cause.

3.  Freeport Exemption late applications are now due June 15 or, if applicable, 60 days after the date on which the chief appraiser delivers notice to the owner under Section 22.22.